Fixing Back Pain with ELDOA in Austin, Texas.

After almost 4 years of using ELDOA with my clients, I am convinced it is my most powerful tool to support my client’s spinal health, posture and overall physical fitness.

Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptition Osteo-Articulaire – E.L.D.O.A.

ELDOA is a French acronym that translates to the Lengthening of the spine in the longitudinal axis to create De-coaptation (separation) of the osteo-articular joints. Creating space between joints, especially spinal joints has an anti-aging effect; compression of joints is associated with the aging process and wear and tear on the body.

The ELDOA Method is a revolutionary corrective technique, developed by world renowned French osteopath Guy Voyer, that targets the decompression of specific targeted joints throughout the body. The Spinal Joints are the primary focus of the ELDOA, but there is an ELDOA for every joint in the body.

Creating fascial tension around the selected area, the ELDOA creates more space, or a decompression, within the chosen joint complex (ie. L5/S1, C4/C5, etc.).

A beneficial side effect of the ELDOA is that it pumps and mobilizes the organs and glands of the body. This pumping action occurs due to the fascial link between your vertebrae, organs, and glands; your Fascia is a web of connective tissue that runs from just below the surface of your skin to the far-reaching depths your spine and internal organs. The Fascia also has neurological and endocrine characteristics so is clearly more than just stretchy connective tissue.

The ELDOA exercises promote improved posture, proper spinal alignment, increased awareness of body positions, and increased stability and strength throughout the spine. The muscles and fascia that lift us toward the sky (the Axial Extensor muscle system) are conditioned thouroughly and it is common for people to regain an inch of height after a sustained use of a program that includes these exercises.

Common asymmetries and misalignments lead to faulty biomechanics throughout the body and the ELDOA will progressively unwind these imbalances and create lasting support.

ELDOA is a key part of the programs that I create for my clients. After an initial assessment, I create an individualized program that is balanced and designed to create useful and life supporting strength, good flexibility, healthy range of motion, spinal and fascial health.

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