Longevity and Anti-Aging in Austin, Texas

The Dynamic Body’s Top Three ways to support a Long and Healthy Life:

1 – Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction must come in different forms to optimize the body’s youth preserving resources. Stress is a primary cause of aging and sets the stage for the development of many different health problems. Although not a complete list, three primary sources of stress are important consider.

Mental/Emotional Stress is an obvious concern that is difficult and sometimes impossible to control. Mental/Emotional Stress can sometimes be managed through lifestyle modifications…. more “me” time, meditation, working-in exercises and counseling are just a few ways many people are successful in reducing their Mental/Emotional Stress.

Inflammatory Stress is less obvious. It is now thought that most of our health issues are created by an inflammatory cascade that effects everything from our digestive health, to our heart health, to our brain health. The Digestive System is often implicated when inflammation is at play: poor food quality and processed foods, Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut) and common Digestive Infections all have a role in winding up the body’s inflammatory reaction. The reduction of Inflammatory stress is critical when encouraging longevity.

Physical Stress is obvious to the person experiencing it. Pain and/or discomfort is a constant drain of your body’s resources. Excessive exercise is not uncommon and can alone deplete the body’s valuable reserves, particularly if there is a strong emphasis on performance. Of course, lack of movement is a common precursor to pain and disease. Injury is also an expensive drain on the body’s resources as the body works hard to rebuild and repair damage.

Reducing Stress is of paramount importance when considering a Longevity based health and fitness program. Because Stressors summate it is important to work on the ones that you can improve so that the ones that you cannot will be more effectively managed by your body.


2-Anti-aging exercise

Mentioned in the previous section regarding Stress Reduction, chronic injury, lack of exercise or inappropriate exercise choices can increase the stress on the body as a whole.

As we age, we lose valuable youth supporting muscle. Around the age of 32, our bodies have used up most of our youthful reserves. 32 is the average age of a first disc herniation, for example, and the beginning of the decline of muscle mass; as you age you must maintain or build youthful muscle. Building useful muscle sensibly will support your health in several ways; Improved muscle to fat ratio, improved Cholesterol levels, increased bone density, healthier heart and lungs, lower blood pressure, and more efficient control over blood glucose levels are all benefits of a carefully crafted strength program.

In addition to building or maintaining general or global muscle, it is important to do movements that support your spinal health and posture supporting muscle as well. Core training, muscle balancing exercises and Osteo-articular Decoaptation Stretching for the spine (E.L.D.O.A.) to create the support needed to complete your Anti-aging exercise routine.

3-Whole Food Diet

Eating a fresh whole food diet is a critical part of a Longevity focused approach. Beyond a whole food diet there are other issues to consider; food production and diverse nutritional recommendations are always worth a careful examination.

Sourcing your food from a clean source is getting easier with the rise in Organic food and Farmer’s Markets; although not always easy, avoiding agrochemicals, pesticides, and synthetic hormones is key to reducing your toxic exposure which is critical for encouraging your long life.

The topic of diet can get complicated quite quickly and the forest can quickly be hidden by the trees. There are countless diets on the market and this makes it difficult to know what to eat to be healthy. While there are a few potential pitfalls, eating whole fresh foods, when properly prepared or cooked is the foundation to a diet that supports a long life.

Equally important to eating whole foods is finding the right balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate that will keep your blood sugar stable. Excessive fluctuations of blood sugar levels are a major concern that activates a primal stress response that weakens and ages the body prematurely.


Reducing Stress to best of your ability, doing Anti-Aging Exercise regularly and consistently eating a Whole Fresh Food Diet are The Dynamic Body’s top 3 recommendations for supporting a long and healthy life.

Contact Mark Herbert to learn more details and suggestions about how you can incorporate these Longevity Tips into your routine to support your long lasting, resilient and dynamic body.



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