Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Different about The Dynamic Body?

The Dynamic Body is a complete health and wellness system focused around the specific needs of men and women aged 50 years and older.

Our training incorporates ALL of who a person is – from physical body to mindset to personal history to energy to lifestyle.  This goes far beyond physical exercises you would normally encounter with a standard trainer.

The Dynamic Body vitality system is not a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach; rather it is integrated into the client’s lifestyle functionally with their life goals in mind whether that be playing golf, picking up the grandkids, running a marathon or generally feeling more attractive and fit.

What is The Dynamic Body ‘Vitality System’?

In first working with a client, there are preliminary steps that are taken to get to know that person before anything else happens, including comprehensive assessments such as: lifestyle, lab, physical, flexibility, detailed history, postural assessment, movement analysis, core strength analysis and more.

Once a “snapshot” of the client’s current status is created, their needs, goals and potential challenges can be addressed using a holistic approach for a complete, personalized system to increase vitality.

The ultimate goal is to achieve a Dynamic Body:  a body that is resilient, strong, functional relative to your goals, and has the ability to better withstand life’s uncontrollable and controllable stressors.

What is a C.H.E.K. Practitioner?

Trained by the internationally recognized C.H.E.K. Institute, a C.H.E.K. Practitioner is an extensively trained health and fitness professional with a unique and holistic perspective on the body.  There are over only 5,000 CHEK-trained individuals worldwide.

Corrective  Holistic  Exercise  Kinesiologist

What is Corrective Exercise?

A system of balancing the body through the use of specific stretches, mobilizations and exercises that will have a “corrective” effect and lay the foundation for more ambitious and challenging exercise routines.

Why Do You Call it “Holistic”?

The Dynamic Body is all about looking at the body as a system of systems.  Much like investing, the more diverse and encompassing your portfolio is, the better your chances of winning within the system.  As we consider the body as whole unit, all systems matter.  As Paul Chek says, “Fitness and Health are not synonymous”.  The Dynamic Body will assess many systems of the body and then design a program that will have the greatest effect by bringing up the weaker systems to match the strong ones.  Once we have reached balance or Homeostasis, the body will have great potential to achieve the goals it and the mind desire.

What is the Kalish Method?

Dr. Daniel Kalish has designed a system of analyzing the body through the testing of three body systems:  the Adrenal, Gastrointestinal and the Detoxification systems.  With specific lab tests and the Kalish Method protocols many common complaints can be resolved when combined with the foundational nutrition and lifestyle principles.

Does the Dynamic Body Require Extreme Dieting or Exercise?

The Dynamic Body does not require extreme dieting or extreme exercise.  The goal is to tailor the program to your needs and what you will do willingly.  There is a concerted effort to not overwhelm or create additional stress for the client as they work towards their goals.  The emphasis is a lifestyle change that eases you into the changes that will have a dramatic effect on your life and health.  Everyone is on their own path; the Dynamic Body is only present in the equation to show individuals how to interpret the sometimes unclear road signs.

Are Lab Tests and Supplements Required Parts of the Program?

These are not required parts of the program; however, they may be helpful if you are looking for more information about your body or if you are not responding to the program as expected.

How do I Start the Process?

The new client paperwork is the first step.  Download the forms, fill them out carefully and when they have been received and analyzed you will receive a call to schedule a first meeting or consultation.

How Long Will it Take to Achieve my Goals?

Everyone is different with different goals.  After a detailed history and assessment, The Dynamic Body will be able to create an educated estimate of how long it will take to achieve our desired and stated goals.

What Supplements Do you Recommend?

The top, professional supplement companies assure quality control and safety of products; all The Dynamic Body’s supplement programs, when recommended, will include professional-only supplements.

How Healthy Are You?

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