Assessment & Program Design

Your current level of function dictates your individual Program design.  Your Assessment will include investigation of the following areas with the goal of correcting imbalances and weaknesses that contribute to your dysfunction or pain:

  • Movement strategies
  • Spinal and Joint Stabilization
  • Deep Abdominal and outer Core Strength
  • Subtle Body Reflexes (Proprioception, Vestibular System, Cervical Balance)
  • Respiratory Strategies
  • Isolated Muscle Flexibility and Joint Range of Motion
  • Postural Alignment

After Assessment is completed, the data collected will be analyzed and a Program designed.

Your Program will address Your Weaknesses through Corrective Exercise, Primal Movement Patterns, Myofascial Stretching, and E.L.D.O.A..

The Foundational Assessment is conducted in-person and is a 55-minute session.

The findings from your assessment will be summed up briefly and then Your Program will be shared at the following session.

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