“A year ago I took the cover of a female fitness magazine to Mark and asked (jokingly) if I could look like that someday.  I really had no belief that it could happen, but what I did want was to become fit and healthy in every way I could; not just the physical, I needed help with nutrition, hormones, emotions, the entire person.

Coupled with this desire was the worry that past injuries might act as a road block to my goal. There are lots of personal trainers in this area, but I knew from observing Mark with other clients that he was the full package.  I saw him work with people with all sorts of past and present injuries.  His knowledge base in unbelievable.  There has not been one question I have asked of him this past year related to my health and fitness goals that he has not had a ready answer for.   Mark has kept me motivated and on track.

A year later, I am happy to say I have lost over 40 pounds and have gone from a size 11 to a size 4!  But the more important thing is I feel just as great on the inside as I do on the outside.  My eating and sleeping habits have changed and with Mark’s help, my hormones are under control.  I cannot say enough great things about Mark and his complete dedication to making his clients better in every way.

While I have no plans of being on the cover of a magazine any time soon, I can say that for the first time in years I have confidence to wear anything, including a bikini and at 50 that is saying something!”

Valorie Doyle

“I was at the end of my rope when a friend recommended Mark Herbert to me to help me manage my health issues during the stages of menopause.  I was having all the typical symptons of every woman going through menopause; hot flashes, fatigue, night sweats, weight gain and I just didn’t feel like myself.  Mark listened very patiently and explained why I was feeling so different in my own skin.  After a simple test, Mark recommended certain supplements and lifestyle changes to regulate my hormones.  It worked!  I feel so much better and Mark continues to check my progress and re-test after I have been on the regime for awhile to make any adjustments needed.  Mark also suggested multiple vitamin packs which I attribute to my glowing skin and healthy hair.

Two months ago, I had my annual physical and I’m happy to report that I’m a very healthy woman!   My physician was very impressed with my health and supports my use of the supplements that Mark recommended.   She told me to keep doing what I’m doing ~ it works!

I can’t thank Mark enough for his expertise and support in my health.  Mark, you rock!”

Tammie Rucker

I recommend Mark Herbert, a level IV Chek practitioner, as the best personal trainer I have met. Mark’s personality and style of training are highly effective at aiding his clients in achievement of all of their health and fitness goals. He is as adept at training athletes as he is with elderly folks and everyone in between. He is always up to date on the latest workout trends and concepts and incorporates many of these ideas into your never boring, always challenging session. Mark talks to clients about nutrition and lifestyle as well to be a truly holistic personal trainer.”

Dr. M. Rayner Dickey, M.D.

“It gives me great pleasure to give this letter of commendation for Mark Herbert.  Mark has been my personal trainer and therapist for well over a year, and I value the opportunity to express the benefits, improvement, and progress I have achieved because of his exceptional ability and expertise.

I am disabled, recently retired physician (family practice) diagnosed late onset Muscular Dystrophy in 2006.  The form of Muscular Dystrophy I acquired is degenerative, progressive and ultimately terminal.  The prognosis (or life expectancy) is approximately 10-12 years.

The onset of this disease was particularly rapid and aggressive.  Within a period of two years, I went from being an elite athlete who had acquired awards and trophies in various competitions to a state of significant deterioration where I could no longer walk, climb stairs, or independently perform the daily tasks of living of ADLs (Activities of Daily Living).  I was predominately home bound and depended upon my scooter (electric wheelchair) for movement from one location to another.

I entered an intensive period of physical therapy for three years, involving three, 2 hour sessions on a weekly basis.  In addition, I was given a “home therapy exercise program” which consisted of physical therapy exercises and was 90 minutes in length.  Unfortunately, following this rigorous regimen with a well qualified, well experienced physical therapist, being consistent and 100% compliant, I was faced with the stark reality, after doing a thorough retrospective assessment of the previous three years, which I performed early in 2009, that not only had I not achieved any measurable or tangible progress in terms of overall health and functioning, but had actually gone through a three year period of progressive decline.

In desperation, I returned to the gym, hoping that the predominant deficiencies in strength and endurance could be adequately addressed there.  It was at that juncture that I had the most fortunate and quite literally, life saving experience occur.  I was referred to Mark Herbert, who is known as a trainer, therapist, and professional who takes on the most difficult, complicated, and challenging of clients.  At that point forward, after careful and comprehensive evaluation, assessment, insight and trial and error, did Mark establish therapeutic regimens for me particularly designed to address the many physical incapacities I then had accumulated.

The past 18 months, spent working with Mark 3 times weekly, would constitute a wonderful success story.  I have experienced improvements in strength, endurance, energy, balance and coordination on a continuing monthly basis.  I would estimate that my overall physical functioning in all aspects of my daily life has improved by at least 50%.  I am ambulatory now and returned to many of my former activities, pursuits and interests.

As a physician, I am able to explain and understand this remarkable transformation since I am aware of the extensive knowledge base, analytical ability, problematic solving abilities, intuitive insight, and learning, education, and experience which constitute Mark’s professional capacity.  He is always available and accessible, flexible and most likely the most focused professional I have ever interacted with in a medical or health related arena.  Mark has acquired advanced education and competency in the Chek system, which is a remarkable program addressing all aspects and issues of health maintenance and wellness, in addition to providing its practitioners with a myriad of tools, instruments for intervention, and treatment modalities.  From a scientific and medical perspective I have carefully studied the foundation, principles and practices which Paul Check has developed over the past decades, and would consider that it is far ahead of its time in terms of intuitive awareness, profound insight, and elevated knowledge of the person, the body, health, wellness, preventative health, and remedial and restorative approaches it provides its practitioners.

On a personal level, Mark Herbert is a person of impeccable character, profound integrity, and unwavering commitment to health, both for himself in his own life, as well as the achieving the optimal levels of health and wellness for each and every one of his clients.  He is passionate about learning and the acquisition of knowledge, and has engaged me in probing and challenging discussions ranging from anatomy and physiology to kinesiology, neurology, hormonal regulation and balance, metabolic processes, and the mechanics of performing exercise and physical body movement with the most correct and accurate form, hence eliciting the highest level of function.

Mark is also a man of great personal charm.  He is engaging, friendly, thoughtful, a sincere and patient listener, and possesses the capacity of separating the negative/destructing/self-defeating patterns and aspects of daily lives into a positive, illuminating and inspirational form.  He demonstrates a genuine care and concern for all of his clients as well as for humanity in general.  He possesses a tremendous capacity for empathic rapport and interaction, and above all, consistently displays a level compassion that has become almost extinct in the actions, behaviors attitudes, and beliefs of humanity.

As a physician, I have been blessed to have known and interacted with persons of exceptional character, talents and attributes.  I have known human beings who are truly remarkable in each step they make as they traverse the territory and terrain of life and living.  I would emphatically, and without qualification, include Mark Herbert in that precious and rare group of persons who possess and practice both the art and science of healing.  My life has been forever changed since the universe brought Mark into it, and I shall never be able to pay the debt of gratitude which fills my heart to overflowing as I ponder the unlimited kindness, compassion, understanding and commitment this extraordinary man has bestowed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or requests for further, detailed or technical information concerning Mark.”

With kind regards,
Dr. Gil Bruce Scarnati, D.O.

“A few years ago I was working out in a gym in Lakeway with a trainer, and we were doing the regular workouts – weights, bicycling, stretches etc, and I was in fairly good shape for my age.  I moved away from that area and needed a new trainer;  Mark was recommended to me.

I have been working with Mark once a week for approximately one and a half years.  (I try and do the same workout twice more during the week, alone) He asked me what sports I played, and what my goals were. I play a number of sports, but my goals were  to have a stronger core, to lose a little weight, to have a healthier diet, and to be physically fit enough to live an active lifestyle.

I have, with Mark’s help, certainly achieved those goals.  I went skiing this winter for the first time in 20 years, and I didn’t have a stiff muscle in my body.  That has to be because my muscle tone and flexibility were greatly improved. I also enjoy the fact that Mark changes the program from time to time; therefore I do not get bored!  I think boredom is one of the biggest turnoffs to constant exercising.

I thank Mark for all his encouragement, and hope to be working with him for some time.

Joanna Rees

“I have been training with Mark for about 10 years now because I can’t imagine there is anybody better out there.  His expertise in developing tailor-made exercise, dietary, and supplement programs is on another level.  Mark’s passion and knowledge of his craft are very apparent…whether it is during discussions or training sessions.  I would highly recommend training with Mark if you want to see and feel results no matter what your health and fitness goals may be.”

Trevor Gibbs, Engineer/Entrepeneur

“Mark has changed the way I think about exercise. It is about more than just lifting weights or getting your heart rate up. He has made such a difference in my life by ensuring that my internal systems are at peak performance so that physically I can be at top level performance. I have never felt better.”

Natasha Mcree

“Mark Herbert is one of the top ‘stealth’ experts in the field of physical vitality… it’s amazing to have access to his level of training because many pros of his caliber get recruited into working for celebrities and pro teams rather than ‘civilians’. Behind his extensive industry education and comprehensive professional history working with clients to reclaim their health lies an unparalleled commitment to helping people enjoy a greater quality of life in their bodies. As founder of the meta-wellness concept in practical action, he embodies intuition made relevant on the physical level.

Lynn Scheurell TestimonialAnd on a more personal note, I credit Mark with creating a massive positive transformation in my life from the inside out. I knew I needed to do something but I honestly didn’t know how compromised my health really was until we started working together. Looking back, it’s a little shocking… looking forward, I’m ecstatic to report that I’m feeling better than I have in years. In fact, people say I’m getting younger!

I’m so grateful for you, Mark… for anyone who wants to change their life by upgrading their physical energy, I highly recommend you work with him and follow his wisdom.”

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