Functional Investigative Testing


Depending on what your assessments tell us about the condition of your body, the following functional investigative tests are recommended when appropriate. With the help of some of one of the top Laboratories in the country, sophisticated lab testing can help us determine very specific protocols to help you get the fastest results in your program. They uncover the ‘not obvious’/hidden causes of complaints or dissatisfaction that you might be experiencing; once known, they can be addressed with specific supplement protocols that support the recommended diet and lifestyle foundational principles.

  • Adrenal Insufficiency – fatigue in this system can cause a systemic weakness where any number of sub-systems can be affected
  • Digestive disharmony – our digestive system is our foundation and protection from the outside world…If your digestion is compromised your entire system is compromised.
  • Toxic Load and ability to Detoxify – “you can run but you cannot hide” – we are surrounded by toxins…the best way to deal with this is to support your body for optimal detoxification.

Please note that all lab testing requires a post-test consultation to create your Dynamic Body Plan and/or for referral out to a qualified medical professional.

Follow up testing is required for all laboratory based programs to ensure up to date programs and to maintain optimal results.

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